22 februar 2013

Tea and Shrovetide dumpling

Tea and Shrovetide dumpling by Seayard
Tea and Shrovetide dumpling, a photo by Seayard on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
... in my neighbor country Sweden. It's a "Semlor" one of my favorite cake!


Fog by Seayard
Fog, a photo by Seayard on Flickr.

It's one of my best places to go - no matter what the weather or season is.

19 februar 2013

An abandoned part of a hospital

Via Flickr:
I was here after giving birth to my son. Now, the beautiful buildings are empty and going into decline. It's a shame.

Ink and Derwent Inktense colorpencil in Moleskine.

17 februar 2013


Facecard by Seayard
Facecard, a photo by Seayard on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
First exercice from my new book "Gör din egen konst" - "Do your own art"

I must admit that it looks more like me in my youth than now. There is no little lines and tired.

Første øvelse fra min nyindkøbte svenske bog: "Gör din egen konst. Jeg må tilstå at tegningen mere ligner mig som ung. Det er ikke bevidst - men der mangler ligesom nogle linjer og lidt træthed  :)

Make your own art

Make your own art by Seayard
Make your own art, a photo by Seayard on Flickr.
A lovely trip to the Swedish town Helsingborg, where we eat brunch, saw Light Festival "Dreamlight" and buy this new book: "Make your own art". Well, it's a book for children but there is a lot of tips and good ideas for me too :)

16 februar 2013

Moly_X Soup

Moly_X soup by Seayard
Moly_X soup, a photo by Seayard on Flickr.
My entry to my Moly_X book with the theme: Soup. It's an international sketchbook mail exchange project with Shelley, Maureen, Maartje and me

14 februar 2013

and a kiss for you

kiss by Seayard
kiss, a photo by Seayard on Flickr.
The picture is from the same place in Stockholm as the heart below.

All you need is love ....

All you need is love .... by Seayard
All you need is love ...., a photo by Seayard on Flickr.
Happy Valentine day. To all of you who celebrate it. I don't . But a hearts is a wonderful symbol.
Heart of flowers I have seen on this great place i Stockholm: http://www.rosendalstradgard.se/section.php?id=0000000073

11 februar 2013

About me

Welcome to my new blog.

It's about my life in drawings - mostly - and maybe some photos.

I live in Copenhagen - mostly

My work looks like the picture and I draw only in my spare time or actually I draw really much to meetings (and when I'm bored). Sometimes it's the same.

Right now I have no more to say! Just getting started blogging ....

I live by the motto: Better late than never!